Friday, August 11, 2006

Blossoms After A Decade! / Hannah Tan TNL

The Gin Blossoms release their 4th album after a decade of silence (can't wait to get it off mininova *grin*)!

After escorting Meisu back home after tonight's Hannah Tan on "TNL" show, the trusty TRAXX FM played their latest single 'Learning The Hard Way'. Even though I was parked home, I waited til the song ended. Needless to say, Gin Blossoms pwn. The last time I stayed in the car (or someplace else) til a song ended was probably to M2M's 'Everything or The Moffatts 'Bang Bang Boom'.

Oh, the Hannah Tan "TNL" thing?
12 of us (Ian, Adele, Yew Jin, Veronica, Daniel, Nicholas, James, Debbie, Maria, Jimmy, Meisu, and myself) headed to NTV7 in Glenmarie to be part of the audience for "Thursday night Live with Harith Iskander" whose guests tonight were Hannah Tan (who invited me *wink*) and Ruffedge. It was a pretty good experience I'd say, it brought everyone together as well. That was nice.

Finally, I got to get my two girls in d' same photo =P - [T for "T'we Be Bry's Gurls"]

And here's me and Hannah doing a DX tribute

Ok, its not a DX tribute, its this 'T' gimmick that their coming up with for Hannah..Hmmm..


T'was a good night.

Work beckons tomorrow. Gotta watch a Hindi flick in the morning that will last 3 hours +. Well, that's work for ya. :)

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lolx U like M2M! I also like M2M :P
Marion pwn lolx....